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LeafyWell gummies are made with ingredients derived from organic CBD oil and are perfect for on-the-go, convenient lifestyle. Make your life a little more sweet by adding LeafyWell Gummies to your regimen!
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Literally the best CBD products out there. I’ve had their oils, funny’s (now vegan!) and pain cream. All have helped all my ailments, from anxiety to insomnia and pain. Reasonably priced and incredibly effective. I keep going back for more. One day delivery so you never wait long. Amazing quality with a lot of variety. 11/10 would recommend.  CBD 250mg Pain Cream

I have a Jack Russell Terrier and a Frenchie that have not been getting along. They both have anger issues and since I started giving them this treat it has made them very calm and their anger issues have definitely been better. Highly recommend for anxious, and angry dogs. Pigs In A Blanket 100mg

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