Active Hemp Extracts with a full range of naturally occurring nutrients and chemical compounds work at the cellular level providing true benefits to the user.

Various Cannabis CBD and THC Dab Shatter rosin extracts with Hemp flowers and leaves

Our formulations include a licensed patent-pending technology from our partner Infusion Biosciences. This process is used to produce water-soluble phytochemicals and extractions from industrial hemp and cannabis plant varieties. Full Spectrum extractions allow true bioactive molecules from multiple parts of the plant.

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Our selection of pet treats are designed to introduce Active Hemp Extracts to their diet.  In forms of Chicken Meatballs, Turkey Jerky and Bacon Strips allow these treats to be used as delivery mechanisms for their well-being.

Bio Natural or Active Hemp oil is the name Infusion Biosciences (IB) is using for its patent pending technology to produce water soluble phytochemicals from cannabis and hemp plant varieties. The water solutions produced from unique plants contain a distinct entourage of phytochemicals that are reported to provide medicinal benefits including relief from pain and anxiety, appetite control, and biochemical pathways underlying inflammation, liver diseases, and cancer. Adverse effects arising from current delivery methods (smoking, vaporization, and most edibles) limit prescription and non-prescription uses of phytochemicals from cannabis plants for medicinal purposes in a growing majority of individuals. The acronym ‘CBD’ stands for ‘cannabidiol.’ Cannabidiol is a naturally-occurring chemical compound found within the hemp plant, a type of plant within the cannabis sativa plant species.  

Current consumer products are limited to extracted oils that can only be delivered in vaporizers and selected edibles. Product benefit claims are now based on only determining a few cannabinoids without rigorous quality control analysis. The inability to deliver the current products in true water solutions is a major impediment to controlling the dose and reproducibility needed for desired nutritional and medicinal use of cannabis products. Water or beverage products are currently limited to the use of emulsifiers or oil nanoparticles and not true solutions in water. These not only limit proper delivery to the body but also prevent a broader acceptance of the current products.

IB has completed the production of entourage of phytochemicals from multiple cannabis plant varieties and established bioactivities previously reported from smoking the oil-rich portions of these plants. The patent pending Aqueous Phytorecovery Process (APP) is effective in producing true water solutions of the bioactive molecules from multiple parts of the plants. The “liquid” cannabis preparations produced by APP display fast, predictable, and dose dependent effects in a large number of recreational and medicinal cannabis users. This is consistent with the pharmacology of orally administered bioactive molecules dissolved in water and is distinct from the administration of oil preparations that have become customary in the industry.

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