Doctors Corner

Doctors Corner
LEAFYWELL’s Doctors Corner commitment is to build the best possible relationships with the medical community and to work collaboratively to improve the quality of health care. The Principles identify specific behaviors and business actions that govern LEAFYWELL in its interactions with health care professionals.
Creating guiding principles reflects LEAFYWELL’s historically proactive approach to working cooperatively with the medical community. As part of our commitment, we will continue our Doctors Corner and seek input from different health related topics. The Doctors Corner is a distinguished group of independent practicing physicians who provide advice on issues of importance to LEAFYWELL and make recommendations as appropriate with regard to LEAFYWELL’s business practices and policies.

Propose a discussion topic

If you would like to propose a topic to be considered for discussion by LEAFYWELL’s Doctors Corner please contact us. Recommendations considered by the Board and resulting actions will be posted on this site in the future.

Dr. David M. Feldbaum, MD

Advisory Board Member

Dr. David M Feldbaum, MD is a Doctor primarily located in Hollywood, FL.  His specialties include Surgery and Vascular Surgery

Dr. Javier J Canasi, M.D.

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Javier J Canasi, MD is a Doctor primarily located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. His specialties include Internal Medicine.

Dr. Michael McKenzie, M.D.

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Michael J Mckenzie, MD is a Doctor primarily located in Hollywood, FL. His specialties include Family Medicine Practice.

Dr.Mark Sabbota DO

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Mark G Sabbota, DO is a Doctor primarily located in Davie, FL.  His specialties include Cardiovascular Disease and Internal Medicine.


The Endocannabinoid System written by Dr. McKenzie

The discovery of the molecules and the receptors to which they bind did not come until the 1990s in the laboratory of Dr. Rafael Mechoulam at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  What they found is that not only is the ECS INTEGRAL to all of our physiological systems, but that many pathologies in the human body can be associated with some sort of deficiency/defect in the ECS.

Inspiring Words

“Trees and plants always look like the people they live with somehow” Zora Neale Hurston

Holistic Corner

Shari B. Kaplan Stellino,

Founder and CEO CANNECTD

Shari B. Kaplan Stellino, LCSW is an innovative formulator of plant extracts for the health and wellness industry. Her formulations are currently licensed by companies in both adult use and medicinal/wellness cannabis and hemp products, as well as the skin care and hair care industries.

Kaplan Stellino is the creator of integrative mental health and well-being programs designed to help individuals on their path of mind, body, soul healing, well-being and empowerment. She is also the founder of the Can’t Tell Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization ( Kaplan Stellino is also an inspirational educator in the field of cannabis and plants-based medicine as well as integrative health and mental health.