John Orlandini knows that everyone can say a lot and sit back and do nothing, that’s never been his credo. 

It’s one big world out there and JohnnyO walks the walk, with great sacrifice comes great reward, putting forth the “real deal” in animal welfare and humanitarian work.  With the guiding principle that if everyone does a little it becomes a lot. “It’s one big world, let’s save it together, Keeping it real” JohnnyO 

Johnny O Logo Animal Welfare Advocate
JohnnyO Background


The dedication of one who gives of himself is truly a gift to all.  John grew up in New York, and at a young age knew that his heart was dedicated to saving and protecting all of mother natures animals.  Realizing that everything is connected, keeping it real he began an intense journey of self-discovery.


Reducing your global footprint sounds overwhelming right, well not really. First, you have to look around to see that as “OneBigWorld” we have not done a very good job.  John’s mission is to educate everyone on the small simple changes that add up on “the daily”.


Community Outreach sounds to large to fulfill, however Johns principle of “If we all do a little it becomes a lot” shows that everyone can do their part to make your corner of the world a better place.